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Help Us Build Kunye
Join a Kunye Focus Group.

But what is Kunye? It's a solution and a community.

The solution is a financial collaboration platform built on conversations. The community starts with you and many other people from all across Africa who have found a home away from home, here in Canada.


Together, we will grow the community by joining the conversations that lead to healthier finances and better relationships. 


We are seeking participants to join the Kunye Beta Program to help us build the best platform to serve you. Once complete, the Kunye app will allow you to manage communication centered around financial goals, split and pay bills, pool funds, track expenses and send remittances to whomever you want, from here in Canada to multiple countries in Africa, including Zimbabwe, Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya.


Those in the Kunye Focus Groups will get access to a limited-build of the Kunye app to download, explore, use and provide feedback. 


This feedback will help us shape Kunye into the best tool to help make borderless financial collaboration a seamless experience. As a thank you, Beta testers will receive early access to new features, special offers and the pride of knowing you helped build something amazing! 


Kunye is a Zulu word meaning "to be one" and signifies coming together and we believe nothing brings us together or gets money moving, like a conversation.

We would like you to be part of the community we are building. 

Join the Kunye Beta Today

Thank you for signing up for the Kunye Beta Program.

You will receive an email with further instructions soon.

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