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Bridging Distances & Managing an Inheritance

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

In an increasingly interconnected world, technology has revolutionized the way we communicate, collaborate, and even manage our daily affairs. One remarkable example of this is the story of two siblings, Afua and Kafui, who live in different locations in Canada but have found an innovative solution to manage their inherited farm in Africa. Through the power of the Kunye mobile application, these siblings have been able to efficiently pool funds, pay for expenses, and effectively plan and manage their finances, despite the physical distance that separates them.

A Tale of Inheritance:

Born into a farming family, Afua and Kafui grew up with a deep appreciation for the land and a desire to honor their parents' legacy of farming. That piece of land was able to provide for the entire family and give them the needed education in a land of opportunities. The siblings ended up settling in different cities in Canada. Although their physical distance presented challenges, their passion for the family farm brought them together and inspired them to find a way to maintain its operations remotely after their parents had passed on.

Discovering Kunye:

Amidst their search for a solution, Afua, through a friend, was introduced to Kunye —an innovative platform designed to facilitate collaborative financial management, particularly for families living in different countries. Intrigued by its features and potential, she immediately introduced it to her brother, Kafui.

Pooling Funds Effortlessly:

One of the most significant hurdles in managing operations from another country is the allocation and tracking of funds. Kunye made this process seamless for Kafui and Afua. With the app's fund pooling feature, the siblings were able to contribute their financial resources conveniently. This allowed them to efficiently cover various expenses associated with the farm, such as maintenance, machinery upgrades, and staff salaries.

Expense Tracking Made Simple:

Keeping track of farm expenses is crucial for financial planning and sustainability. Kunye's expense tracking feature became an invaluable tool for the two siblings. The app allowed them to record and categorize all their farm-related expenses, ensuring transparency and accountability. Real-time updates and notifications ensured that both siblings were aware of the financial status of their shared wallet at all times.

Efficient Financial Planning:

Proper financial planning is vital for any successful business, and the farm was no exception. Kunye's financial planning tools empowered Afua and Kafui to keep track of their spending history. By collaborating on these plans within the app, they could make informed decisions and adjust their strategies accordingly. The ability to synchronize their financial visions and work together towards a common objective was a game-changer for the siblings.

Streamlined Communication:

Kunye's communication features played a crucial role in keeping the two connected and informed. The siblings could exchange messages, share important documents, and share photos of progress on the farm. In addition, they could keep in touch with the farm staff and easily honor expenses with their pools funds in Ghana. This streamlined communication eliminated the need for constant phone calls and lengthy email threads, saving them valuable time and effort.


The story of Afua and Kafui showcases the transformative power of technology and its ability to bridge distances and bring people together. Using Kunye, these siblings have successfully managed their inheritance in Africa from their respective cities in Canada. With each chat being a managed group wallet, Kunye's convenient fund pooling, expense tracking, financial planning, and communication features empowered them to honor their parents' legacy, foster collaboration, and ensure the sustainability of their farm.

In an era where global connections are increasingly vital, Kunye stands as a testament to the possibilities that arise when technology and determination intertwine. As more individuals and families discover innovative tools like Kunye, we can look forward to witnessing even greater achievements in remote management and collaboration across borders .

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