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Borderless Financial Collaboration
As Natural as a

Empowering people to achieve their goals, whatever they may be.

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Hi, we're Kunye. 

At Kunye we are building a platform for the conversations that matter. Conversations create community, ideas and make things happen. 

Our mission is to facilitate conversations that lead to better relationships and healthier finances.

Our goal is to make borderless financial collaboration, as natural as a conversation.


We live in a world where communication is borderless, so we believe touching the lives of those we care most about should be as simple as a conversation.


Conversations create ideas. Ideas make things happen.

What are you trying to achieve?

Happy Friendship

Plan trips and events

with friends

Happy Senior Couple

Cover family expenses for loved ones back home

Bride - 3654x2436.jpg

Coordinate collection & spending for a wedding

Manage family financial goals in one place

Manage your financial goals.
Whatever they may be.

Read our Kunye Stories to learn how others are using Kunye and the power of conversation to achieve their financial goals

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